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Prayer Ministry Manual
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    The early New Testament church understood God's intent for them to work in cooperation with Him through prayer and so they devoted themselves to prayer along with other vital ministries (Acts 2:42). As a result of this kind of life together, "The Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved" (Acts 2:47). What might God do in our midst if we took serious His command to be devoted to prayer? Having an effective prayer ministry begins with you knowing God and results in His power at work both in and through you.

    This 56 page ministry manual download contains content from the Prayer Ministry section of the site plus more for each topic that will help you reflect on these truths and suggest how to have an effective prayer ministry.

    In addition to what is covered in the following topics on the site, you will also find what is listed below:

    Prayer Ministry Overview

    What it takes to have an effective prayer ministry and what happens when these aspects are missing; Includes a personal assessment of your prayer life looking at these elements.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires a Personal Relationship

    In addition to the content on the site you will find thoughts about what needs to be emphasized to make it about a relationship with God; Further reflection included on connecting, coming into His presence and communicating in prayer.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires Having the Right Purposes for Praying

    You will also find how these purposes line up with Jesus' sample prayer in Matthew 6; Further reflection included on these purposes for you as an individual and as a prayer group.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires a Passion for Prayer

    This section also includes further reflection looking at how a passion for prayer stems out of a passion for God.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires That It is a Priority

    In addition to the ideas given for how to keep prayer the priority in corporate prayer times, you are also given suggestions for your private lives; Personal assessment looks at the quantitative and qualitative measure of prayer to assess its priority to you personally and as a church.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires and Results in Power

    In addition to the content on the site, you will also find a brief exegesis on Ephesians 3:20; Further reflection looks at James 5:16.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires Adherence to Biblical Principles

    Backing up what is on the site, Scripture is given warning about the effect violating God's character and Word has on prayer. Additional Scripture is provided on the fear of the Lord, along with thoughts about what the fear of the Lord does and the need to present a big enough God to help people even desire to pray; Personal assessment of a few biblical principles.

    Effectiveness in Prayer Requires That It Be a Permanent Practice

    In addition to the content on the site, it considers what happens when prayer is a pattern; Further reflection using an acrostic of the word 'Devoted.'

    Planning Strategies for Effective Corporate Prayer

    Also includes a church-wide assessment of where people in your group are in their prayer life and what they need based on where they are. (You have permission to copy and use this assessment with your group.)

    Preparing Others to Join You

    Also includes further reflection with questions about how you are preparing others.

    Promoting Prayer Successfully

    Also includes further reflection with questions about why you may be having problems successfully promoting prayer.

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