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Age Level Characteristics Resource
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    As people progress through their various age levels, they experience changes physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. To effectively minister to them, we must meet them where they are, adapting what we do to suit their developmental abilities and life issues.

    This resource provides teachers with several options to understand people at the various stages. You will find the following for each of the eleven age levels (go to the table of contents page for a listing of the age divisions):

    1. An introductory article which can stand alone or accompany the worksheets. The article is a good way to help teachers begin to get to know their students.
    2. Worksheets with characteristics and some suggested implications pertaining to physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual development. You assess your teaching in light of these implications and determine steps you will take to improve.
    3. A one page listing of the characteristics without the suggested implications. This page can be used for personal review of the characteristics or for group discussion in which implications are determined by the group members. The discussion facilitator can use the worksheet as a guide for some suggestions.

    ---- A total of 79 pages you are permitted to reproduce!

    Great for Sunday School Superintendents, Directors of Christian Education, and others responsible for training teachers of various age levels.  

    Following is the breakdown of age levels in this resource:

    Infant: Birth to Age 2

    Article: So, you're in the Nursery. What difference can you make?

    Toddler: Ages 2-3

    Article: "Let the little children come to me." --Didn't Jesus know that toddlers are the "terrible two's" and "horrible three's?"

    Pre-Primary: Ages 4-5

    Article: My Favorite Activity: Play; My Most Used Word: “Why?”; My Growth Need: Taking Initiative -- I am a Pre-Primary Child.

    Primary: Grades 1-2

    Article: The Word for Primary Age Children: New

    Junior: Grades 3-6

    Article: You don't know the password because you aren't one of them ... a child between the ages of 9 to 11.

    Junior High: Grades 7-9

    Article: Teach Junior High Students??? - It’s not the end of the world!

    Senior High: Grades 10-12

    Article: Commitment: Do High School students even know the definition of commitment?

    College & Career: Ages 18-24

    Article: Paint the right picture when teaching College and Career age.

    Young Adult: Ages 25-40

    Article: What young adults, ages 25-40, need as they try to navigate life's responsibilities and challenges

    Middle Age Adult: Ages 40-60

    Article: To Dread or to Embrace? --That is the Question for Middle Aged Adults

    Older Age Adult: Ages 60+

    Article: Our senior adults need to feel important, like their contribution still matters --because it does!

    Modules of this resource are available for broad age level divisions should you only desire only one or two of the groups. Click below to go to the various modules.

    Early Childhood (infants, toddlers, pre-primary)

    Grade School (primary, juniors)

    Youth (junior high, senior high)

    Adults (college & career, young adults, middle aged adults, older adults)

    The 'Age Level Characteristics Resource' is available only as a download in a zip file with PDFs inside it. 

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    • You have permission to reproduce as many copies of each age level in this resource as needed for your current and future teachers in all age groups.  It may not, however, be freely distributed beyond your sphere of ministry.
    • You may not copy this resource in whole or in part onto a web site or into any other digital format.
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